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Installing on OS X

Note: unless sudo is explicitly specified, all of these commands are run as your own user.

Install haskell-platform (includes ghc) and some depedencies:

% brew install haskell-platform pcre md5sha1sum

Check ghc version:

% ghc --version
The Glorious Glasgow Haskell Compilation System, version 7.0.4

git-annex requires ghc 7.4. And installing trying to install git-annex without an updated version yields a cryptic message about a base- dependency. Install the dev version of ghc using brew:

% brew unlink ghc
% brew install --devel ghc

Brew issues a warning that this version of haskell-platform will not work with the devel version of ghc, but I just ignored that for now.

Update the package list in the cabal package manager, which is specific to haskell libraries and programs:

% cabal update

Install git-annex via cabal:

% cabal install git-annex --bindir=$HOME/bin