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Guides and other interesting things
A Guide to Efficiently Using Irssi and Screen | 2004 — Present
This guide details the use of the IRC client Irssi and the terminal multiplexer GNU screen. Many areas are covered, including basic commands, configuration and client customization. The purpose of screen is explained and its usage together with Irssi is also covered.
An Illustrated Guide to Split Windows in Irssi | 2005
An explanation and walkthrough of creating and manipulating split windows in Irssi.
Supercooled Water | 2005
My experience with the supercooling of H2O, including three videos of water solidifying instantly. This article was one of the top stories of 2005 (#33) on Digg.


From the past
Pragmatic Regular Expressions | 2008
I gave a talk on the basics of regular expressions as part of the ACM@UIUC Student Lecture Series. This was delivered on December 4, 2008 during my last semester as an undergrad at UIUC.